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Active Children Outdoors Vulnerable to Having Cold Coughs

Outdoor play is an excellent activity for children. In addition to making it healthier, this activity can also train children to socialize. Even so, some parents may worry that their children will become susceptible to coughing colds. Is that true? Parents do have to be very clever to protect children when they are outdoors. Because, playing outdoors can make children more exposed to dust and air pollution, hot or cold temperatures, and various germs. This makes him vulnerable to coughing colds, especially if his body condition is not fit. The Relationship of Outdoor Playing with Cold Cough in Children There are several reasons why children who are active outdoors are more prone to catching a cold cough. Here are some of them: 1. Playing outdoors during the rainy season Children are more susceptible to colds when the rainy season arrives. Apart from rain water which may contain pollutants and dirt, cold air when it rains also makes the child's body try hard to increase body
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Get to know trans fat foods and their dangers

An increasingly busy lifestyle makes many people do not have time to prepare their own food and switch to fast food. However, processed foods often contain trans fats, which are the worst type of fat for health. Foods consumed can contain two types of fat, namely unsaturated fat and saturated fat. Unsaturated fats are fats that are beneficial to health. An example is the fat from fish and plants. Conversely, saturated fat is fat that has a bad effect on health. The source is mostly from animal products. Trans fat is a type of saturated fat. This fat can naturally be found in small amounts in beef, lamb, and dairy products, such as milk or cheese. However, currently the food industry produces a lot of artificial trans fats by adding hydrogen to vegetable oil or cooking oil. The aim is to make food last longer and improve taste. Dangers of Trans Fats to Health Trans fats cause levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides in the blood to increase, as well as lower levels of go

Healthy Ways to Prepare Your Own Baby Food 8 Months

At the age of 8 months, the baby can begin to take and put food into his mouth. At this age, it is recommended that you start preparing snacks or finger food for baby snacks between meals. Generally 8-month-old babies can consume solid foods up to three times a day. If possible, introduce the same type of food for 2-3 days, before switching to another type of food. However, before talking further about the food, it helps you first identify the development of its abilities. Development of the ability of 8-month babies There are a number of abilities that are starting to be demonstrated by an 8-month-old baby, including jaws starting to move to chew food or use the tongue to push and swallow food. Babies can also move objects from one hand to the other hand, and put the object in his mouth. In addition to some of the above, another feature is that the baby can begin to sit upright and can swallow properly. Also gained weight significantly, generally doubling the weight at birth. I